Safe Start School

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Pastoral Support


Through a determined focus on the ‘whole child’, Safe Start education provides a therapeutic trauma informed curriculum, but our individual Houses also ensures that opportunities are given for our students to be reflective and provide enrichment to celebrate our British Values.

 The House system embeds nurture and champions the differences and ideas of our students with a long term focus of preparing our students for working life. 

Our House system helps us weave the ingredients to ensure our students have the levels of support and encouragement required for them to thrive in all aspects of the Safe Start journey.

 Students explore and develop culturally, spiritually, physically and socially.


Our WISE goals form the foundation of our Houses, promoting a sense of belonging to a team, community and a encouraging a framework for discussion and debate. 

Our WISE goals are embedded into a strategic long term delivery plan for our Pastoral Curriculum.

Termly competitions focus on each goal alongside celebrating a house achievement.


  • What is willpower?
  • Are you born with a set amount of willpower, or is it possible to increase it? 
  • What outcomes are possible with larger amounts of willpower?


  • Exploring the power or opportunity to do something before others do.
  • Researching the energy and desire that is needed to do something.


  • Is success the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame?
  • Defining success; someone or something that is successful: a person or thing that succeeds?


  • Exploring the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and experiencing the feelings, thoughts. 
  • Sharing experiences of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts.


 Without doubt, the most important ingredient for our successful House system at Safe Start education is creating our community where young people can flourish is relationships. 

The House system provides every pupil with a safe and secure environment where their achievements and efforts are valued and celebrated.

 Through the consistent, secure, responsive, and respectful relationships forged in the houses, students learn about their world and their place in it.

Experienced pastoral staff has the ability to professionally support students sharing of their hopes, fears and goals for their future once leaving Safe Start education.

The relationships forged between students in the Houses shapes their entire educational journey at Safe Start education.


 The House system provides pupils many opportunities to lead;

Student Voice Panel – School pet vote, DofE Uniform Vote, School Breakfast shop.

Student led Celebrations – Halloween Party, School Christmas dinner, School leaver prom.


Young people’s growth is continuous; it therefore follows that their educational experiences must also be continuous so that a thread of consistency runs through their experience at school ensuring our provision is stable with investment. 

Repeated changes of school can sometimes hinder social and emotional progress in a young person, with a lack of opportunity to develop the deeper relationships we are eager to forge. 

Our House system facilitates continuity within pastoral care, teaching and the co-curricular


We realise the need for parents to trust and have faith in the individuals they have charged with the care of their child with additional needs at Safe Start education.

 The House system helps us to ensure that communications are appropriate and timely and facilitate a more connected approach when managing sensitive or challenging issues. 

Parents will receive weekly calls and be provided with a designated email from the House Tutor.