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At Safe Start we empathise that some students can present with anxiety surrounding reading however we aim to inspire our students to love reading in various formats.

On this page, you will find links to reading resources, which we would encourage you to explore.

Following guidance form “Education Endowment Foundation” on Literacy practice we embed this guidance into our whole school practice.

As leaders we can help teachers by ensuring training related to literacy is provided.
Departments have relevant reading resources for their subject area.

As Teachers we will should provide explicit vocabulary to help students achieve positive outcomes.

All staff will provide motivational strategies to promote reading.

All staff at Safe Start Education will understand that reading helps students gain knowledge, which leads to better writing, whilst writing can deepen students’ understanding of ideas.

Senior Leaders will ensure high quality talk is typically well-structured and guided by teachers

At Safe Start all our lessons are designed to develop communication skills, self-awareness and awareness of others.
Our vocational areas offer highly practical and interactive sessions, designed to improve the quality of their interactions with peers and adults.

Pupils have access to a wide range of literature in our fiction and non-fiction in our designated reading area.
We ensure each subject specialism has an high quality book box dedicated to the classroom teacher. This is through working with BOOK LIFE.

BOOKLIFE books at Safe Start will be made available in each classroom bookbox .

We are also supported through The Book trust whereby we receive a yearly school library pack to support our students.

We celebrate reading achievement through our reward system at school whereby points is calculated weekly.

We celebrate World Book day as a whole school event.
Our read of the year will be The boy in the striped pyjamas .
All students will receive a copy at the beginning of the 2021 academic year.

Whole School Literacy Priorities:

1. To develop extended writing activities across the curriculum.

2. To develop and embed a culture of reading across Safe Start education.

3.To work with reading initiatives to provide high quality reading resources .

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